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All photographs on this website are for decoration only. They are sometimes of the exact thing that was followed. More often than not, however, they are not.  All photographs have been taken by Ian Cook, Aidan Waller or Emma Christie-Miller, or have been used under Creative Commons license. In the latter cases, photo credits appear at the bottom of the pages concerned (the home page slideshow credits are listed below).


The logo includes arrows whose shape and direction are borrowed from a lecture slide explaining ‘follow the thing’ work by Professor Trevor Barnes, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia. You can download Trevor’s lecture slides here

Home page slideshow credits

Page 1

Magnus D (2010) Tuesday shopping. 23 February ( last accessed 21 March 2011)

Page 3

abbeyman2002 (2009) Cotton picking. 17 October (  last accessed 21 March 2011)

Global X (2008) The new (and boring!) Starbucks. 26 October ( last accessed 21 March 2011)

Craig Murphy (2009) Tesco price cut. 4 October ( last accessed 21 March 2011)

Robert Scoble (2008) Seagate Wuxi China Factory Tour. 6 November ( last accessed 21 March 2011)

Seasonal header credits


Anon (2013) Bat clip art vector. 13 February ( last accessed 10 October 2013)

Berto (2008) Pumpkin icon. 28 October ( last accessed 10 October 2013)

rubyblossom (2011) Tombstone snip. 18 October ( last accessed 10 October 2013)


Anon (2017) Green Christmas Holly Leaves. ( last accessed 1 December 2017)

Karen Arnold (2017) Santa Claus Christmas Face. ( last accessed 1 December 2017)

Theresa Knott (2006) Santa hat. ( last accessed 1 December 2017)


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