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University Lifestyle Catalogue

University Lifestyle Catalogue

Year: 2014

Author: Charlotte Brunton

Type: Undergraduate coursework, University of Exeter, UK.

Availability: in full, below, for browsing or download the high resolution copy here.

Page reference: Brunton, C. (2014) Charlotte Brunton. University Lifestyle - Fabulously British. ( last accessed <insert date here>)




Instead of getting interesting letters in the post, in my house we get fashion catalogues. In particular, Jack Wills catalogues – six or more every different season. They're selling us ‘aspirational’ lifestyles, tempting us to buy the commodities they feature. The people in them, the things they have, they want us to want them, and we can fall into the trap of wanting them. We imagine ourselves using this, wearing that, experiencing them together. I asked myself: how could I create a fashion catalogue which highlighted how personal these things were both to me and to the people who had made them? These are interrelated 'lifestyles' and this is the lifestyle catalogue you can browse to buy into them.

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Page created as coursework for the ‘Geographies of material culture’ module at the University of Exeter. Reproduced with kind permission of the author. Car photo modified under Creative Commons license from here. Ugg boot photo reproduced under Creative Commons license from here. Tea box photo reproduced under Creative Commons license from here.